Developed by beauty industry experts it works like microdermabrasion to refresh, revive and relight your face. The Green Mask is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve fresh radiant skin without stepping a foot outside your front door.

Your skin deserves the best which is why The Green Mask has only natural ingredients made right here in Australia, and it’s been specially formulated to help with the following:

  • Pimples and blackheads (healed and cleared)
  • Uneven skin tone (smoothed and corrected)
  • Lines and wrinkles (soothed)
  • Dry skin (moistened)
  • Damaged skin and scarring (soothed and reduced)

The Green Mask

Can you handle the sting?

Once you apply The Green Mask, you MAY experience a tingling, stinging or even burning, but don’t freak out if you do. The Green Mask contains active natural ingredients which immediately get to work on your problem areas. The sting just means it’s doing its job, and will fade if you use The Green Mask regularly. Are you ready to get Maskd for better-looking skin?



maskd challenge



Take the Maskd challenge.

Kick start your mask by doing an in-home treatment,  3 days in a row, for that ultimate result with your skin. Don’t forget to use The Green Mask before a big night out or special occasion to keep your skin looking fresh. Use the green mask twice a week for beautiful skin you’ll love to be in. 


Tested & Proven

Maskd has enlisted a team of beauty therapists and experts who’ve thoroughly tested and perfected The Green Mask’s all natural formula using the latest biotechnology. We won’t bore you with the scientific details, but it’s been proven to work in the lab and where it counts the most…on your face. The best part is, not a single furry friend was involved in the process!

Guaranteed Results

We’re a modest bunch here at Maskd, but even we’ve been blown away by all the positive reviews about The Green Mask – check them out here. We fully stand behind our product. It really is a cost effective salon treatment in a tube and it works for any age or skin type. Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How bad is the sting?

Not bad at all; it depends on the PH level of your skin. You might not even notice a thing and wonder what all the fuss is about. If you do feel a stinging sensation, it will fade if using The Green Mask on a regular basis.

Is The Green Mask 100% natural?

All of the main active ingredients are 100% natural; however we do use a low percentage of preservative in the preparation, but it’s pretty commonly used in lots of foods, drinks and even vaccines.

Is The Green Mask suitable for sensitive skin?

Definitely. If you have fine, sensitive skin or rosacea then this type of exfoliation mask is ideal as a facial beauty treatment to soothe and gently nourish your skin. (We don’t recommend it for people with allergies to Salicylates though).

How often should I use The Green Mask?

We recommend using The Green Mask once or twice a week but if you want to see super-fast results use The Green Mask twice a day for five days or once a day for ten days.


Isabella Williams

“After my mum (50) and I (21) used The Green Mask we saw an immediate difference. It was incredible, just a few minutes of a stinging tingling sensation the results spoke from themselves. It helped with all my pimples and black heads and my mum’s skin looked smoother and more evenly toned. I have tried most skin products as I did have the normal hormonal teenage symptoms as everyone else but I have found that Maskd actually works. The Green Mask is now a regular part of my weekly skin routine.”

– Brisbane, QLD


Luke Richards

“I never thought I would ever use face products, but I never thought a product could deliver results within 15 minutes. The Green Mask really surprised me, it actually works. I use the mask to effectively remove work grime, some guys call me feminine but I say I can handle the sting.”

– Melbourne, VIC


Briana Merkel

“When I first put The Green Mask on I was shocked, I could definitely notice the sting on my T zone where I get most of my congestion. After using The Green Mask a few times I could really see a big difference, my skin feels and looks a lot better. I especially like to use the mask before a big night as my makeup sits better and last longer.”

– Sydney, NSW